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Our wireless mobile studio is the perfect marriage of professional headshots and convenience. We bring the studio to your office, home, or home office to help you maintain your busy lifestyle and to create an environment that you're already comfortable in.

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About Christian Purdie

I believe that photography is as much science as it is art

I’m a Las Vegas or “Sin City” local. Traveled the world and I’m still trying to find some pirates so I can check off swashbuckling from my bucket list. I love what do…. Being a Las Vegas Photographer is the perfect job!

Las Vegas On-Site Headshot Photographer

You no longer have to take the time out of your busy schedule to get studio quality headshots. Our onsite headshot photography studio is light, wireless, and mobile that delivers studio quality lighting to the convenience of your home, office, or home office.

Headshot Photographer

On-site headshot proved to be 100% convenient, but there might be a need for alterations because of the crowded places or the unsuitable environment in some offices. Firstly, we have the backdrop, for which the simplest to be done can be neutral grey. Where dark grey is usually used for conservative, traditional corporations, light grey is standard for younger, technology companies. This seems pretty easy. But the situation becomes more complex, when the requirements include a building interior, view of a window or any types of outdoor background. The weather conditions at Las Vegas are unreliable and play a big role when shooting outdoors.

Natural light varies every moment, thereby, a shoot which lasts many hours might have a variety of lighting effects. One of the most handy and easy ways to deal with this, is to take pictures in a neutral backdrop and subsequently, replace it in the post production working process. This way the consistency as well as the organic background can be achieved.

Once the shoot is completed, the photographers review the photos, in order to choose the finest picture of all for each person. This post-production session is done with every person prior before the person leaving. Later, these images are cross-checked to modify them of the contrast, color and other effects. Once the editing is finished, the photographs are delivered online. Moreover, some photographs require detailing, for cleaning skin scars, wrinkles, double chins, reinforcing thin hair and more, whatever the requirements are.

These editing’s are complicated and optional therefore, additional money is requisite. Some photographers charge extra money and add the retouching to every deal they provide, but in reality they do not do much work and charge a lot. Hence you should see the photographs yourself and then analyze whether you need any sort of retouching or not. Furthermore, if you normally prefer a view for your building as your backdrop, background swap is the best option for you. A normal photograph will be clicked in front of a neutral backdrop, and then later the actual background will be photoshopped. This one is again a complicated task and requires a lot of detailing, thereby, extra fee is charged per picture.

Usually, a ten to twenty minutes session is enough for a good quality headshot, optionally the process can be minimized from two to six minutes per person however, the quality might be poor. The price is typically not based on the number of hours but the number of people, which makes people not to rush to get pictures of poor quality. Instead they go slow and steady to get some really good quality photographs.

Headshot Photographers

Photography websites are basically portals for new clients, for them to go through all your work, know about you and your photography etc. Nonetheless, sometimes personal advertisement becomes quite a task, which often results in losing businesses. Thus here are a few tips for you to plan your photography website to impress your clients.

One of the main mistakes that is common, is the one single feature ‘gallery’. There should not be a single category, instead it should be divided according to different themes or certain subjects. For example, rather keeping the name, Like, Lora Smith, further break her gallery into two types of photoshoots you have done for her yet. This way the navigation will be made easier, and the ones are looking for a certain topic will directly go for that. For example, ‘Earth’ the ones looking for this will directly go this, rather than wasting time looking around.

Websites are for your best work. When people show a lot, overwhelms, audience, reduces your best work and puts you in danger of going out of room. Importantly, when you make your website more of your portfolio, it should only consist of the best work only.

When hiring for auspicious events like weddings ,the majority of people are usually willing to hire trusted people. Therefore, utilize your About page on your website to introduce yourself, share a few things about yourself along with some personal details. Write a few paragraphs about your human self but remember not to write a whole autobiography as people would be least interested in reading that.

For running a successful photography website, it is necessary to provide appropriate contact info in a timely manner. Make sure that the contact info includes your email address, telephone number and links which lead to all of your social media accounts. Prevent writing your city or town, as people usually want to hire locals, and it may be unfavorable. It is solely your choice to either display contact information or make a “Contact” tab for this.

Las Vegas On-Site Headshot Photographers

Las Vegas On-Site Headshot Photographers are one of the most trained and skilled headshot photographers. Along with their ability to click stunning pictures, Las Vegas On-Site Headshot Photographers carry the post-production work quite well and do the retouching in a way that the photographs look real, and the editing is not very visible. Additionally, Las Vegas On-Site Headshot Photographers incur a very reasonable fee for such editing.

Professional Headshot Cost

How much should a professional headshot cost? Well, your headshot is your brand and we can help you represent your brand in a way that represents you. Hiring a professional photographer to get your headshots captured is one of the most effective ways to benefit your professional profile. Christian has been helping professionals from different fields by taking their headshots in the best possible way to build up their brand and convey their message to the audiences. While hiring a photographer, it is vital to know what you should pay to what you should be getting in return. The answer to what you should pay totally depends on what outcome you want. With CPP, you must know what you will get in return for the price you pay.

Experience: CPP has a remarkable experience of shooting professional headshots in the best possible way. We know that your headshot represents you and your brand, which is why we consider all the elements that make a headshot current and useful. We understand the requirements of different headshots, how the backgrounds should be used, how to instruct the subject to pose, and how to get the best picture out of many.

Quality: A high-quality picture truly speaks for itself, which is why a professional headshot must have the best of quality, and at CPP, we ensure just that! Our highly-trained staff offers the best possible results with their cameras and with their high-end editing capabilities.

Equipment: Even in this age of camera phones, nothing compares to the pictures that come from proper camera equipment. Christian Purdie Photography has the most updated high-end photography equipment to capture your headshots and give you the perfect outcome. We guarantee that along with the highly-skilled photographer and staff, you will also have a state-of-the-art camera, lighting equipment, computers, and even high-end editing software to create and deliver you a perfect headshot.

There is not an absolute answer to how much a professional headshot costs, but along with the pricing, you should also be concerned with the outcome. All these factors and many more contribute to getting the perfect headshot. If you are looking to get a professional headshot, then we are the company to call in Las Vegas.

Corporate Group Headshot Rates

A tremendous amount of companies travel to Las Vegas every year. It's a great time to get good corporate group headshot rates. Especially since your team members are going to be in one place. You can get a uniform look at all of your headshots for your website or collateral material. Group headshot prices vary according to the number of people, location, time consumed, and the photographer’s experience. There are various challenges involved in capturing group headshots, which is why you should hire an experienced headshot photographer like Christian and his company to get the perfect results.

Getting One Image With Everyone Looking Their Best: The biggest challenge while photographing a large group is to get one perfect frame where every individual being captured looks perfect. This ordeal consumes far more amount of time and patience as compared to photographing an individual. Christian has years of group photography experience, making him an expert in getting that one picture-perfect click where each person looks great.

The Attire: The attire is generally not in the control of the photographer. However, having the perfect outerwear with a well-coordinated color scheme is essential to get an ideal corporate group headshot. A well-coordinated outfit with a uniform look sure gives the best vibe to the corporate headshot, but it also takes up a lot of time, preparation, and struggle.

Environment And Background: A corporate portrait needs to be representing the respective brand in the best possible manner. That’s why the picture’s surroundings and background need to be highly professional and preferably in a spacious area. Setting up the perfect environment for a large group with a professional ambiance requires a lot of effort and time, making the rate slightly higher than individual headshots. CPP photographers are highly-skilled at using the space in the best way to get a flawless group headshot.

The corporate group headshots rates are usually slightly higher than individual headshots because it requires a highly-skilled photographer to get a group to pose successfully with the right background and lighting. If you are in Las Vegas with your company and want the perfect corporate group headshot, then CPP is where you should call.

Headshots For LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for professional networking. Your headshot is a modern-day business card. That's why we created a service dedicated to helping our clients. Headshots for LinkedIn. Your headshot is your brand. Let us help you represent your brand in the best way. Your LinkedIn profile plays a significant part in your career these days. It acts as your digital reference to develop professional connections, skills, and even land a job. With the ability to click a selfie yourself, you might ask why you should hire a professional photographer. Like those at CPP, an experienced headshot photographer will provide your picture with all the elements required to help your career path.

Build Your Brand: In this digital age, where everything depends on social media and digital networking, your LinkedIn profile is practically your CV and helps you in your career. It is your personal brand, and the profile picture is your logo. Hence, this picture should be able to convey your assets, values, and capabilities. Christian has been taking headshots for years and is highly skilled to capture a perfect headshot for your LinkedIn profile to help you develop your profession.

Make You Stand Out: There are hundreds of thousands of profiles on LinkedIn. Does your profile stand out from the others? Is it attractive enough to get the attention of the desired personnel? Well, CPP photographers will help you make your profile picture attractive and far more convincing than before. We guarantee that our headshot will leave a very impactful effect on others and help you make a remarkable first impression.

Depiction Of Your True Self: Your LinkedIn profile picture should show the professional world out there your true self. It must be able to portray your inner personality, courage, and confidence. The perfect solution to get such a picture is to hire a professional headshot photographer like Christian. We will commit ourselves to getting that perfect shot in which your inner character is accurately shown to the world.

Follow Any Brief: At CPP, we guarantee that we will follow all kinds of briefs and fulfill all your LinkedIn profile picture requirements. Whether you want a studio-style professional photo, a contemporary image, or a casual LinkedIn photo, we will fulfill any brief you want.

Now that you are aware of the reason why you should hire a professional photographer to get your headshots for LinkedIn, get the best Las Vegas headshot photographer. Call Christian Purdie Company straight away and get yourself booked to get a perfect profile picture.

Mobile Headshot Photography Studio

Don’t have time to travel to a photography studio? No problem. We’ll bring the studio to you. You can receive all of the benefits of studio lighting without the hassle of traveling to a photography studio. Our equipment is light and mobile and will fit in your home or office.

Digital Headshot Photography Delivery

After your photography session, we’ll edit your photos and send you a gallery invite so you can download your images and use them however you choose. Quick, simple, and convenient.

Las Vegas Studio Headshot Photographer

Setting up a studio headshot photography session is a great way to come in, get a great headshot, and head out. It’s quick, simple, and convenient and you get all of the benefits of professional studio lighting.

Las Vegas Corporate Headshot Photographer

Your corporate headshots should represent the quality and integrity of your brand and what your company represents. Our mobile headshot photography system is a great way for us to come to your office and shoot multiple headshots in one session to make sure that all of your companies headshots are uniform and match from one to the next.

Las Vegas Female Headshot Photographer

Getting your headshots done by a las vegas studio headshot photographer in a studio should be convenient, professional, and quick. You can either come into our studio or we can bring a mobile headshot photography studio to your location.

There are many benefits to getting headshots done on a white background. White is a photographer’s “green screen”. This allows graphic designers, and web developers to create clipping paths or transparent PNG files so you can have a floating headshot to overlay over any background or on any website. You can also use white just as it is for a professional clean look to your website or collateral business materials.

Las Vegas Male Headshot Photographer

Getting your headshots done by a las vegas headshot photographer in a studio or outdoors should be convenient, professional, and quick. You can either come into our studio or we can bring a mobile headshot photography studio to your home, office, or the location of your choice.

There are many benefits to getting headshots done by a professional headshot photographer. Professional headshot photographers know how to take something unnatural, like posing in front of a camera with lights and make it look natural. There are slight differences in posing females than there are males, but they are important. Males should be posed to demonstrate strong male characteristics. We use a combination of loop lighting and cross lighting to make sure your face is properly lit and to exaggerate your jawline.

Outdoor Las Vegas Headshot Photographer

Getting your headshots done by a las vegas headshot photographer in a studio should be convenient, professional, and quick. You can either come into our studio or we can bring a mobile headshot photography studio to your location.

Outdoor headshots are a great way to be professional and approachable. You get the quality of a professional headshot and a natural look of the outdoors. Outdoor headshots are a great way to represent your brand. There is definitely a difference when shooting a male headshot compared to a female headshot. After lighting it’s all about posing and how to demonstrate strong characteristics.